Various projects worked on over time, ordered from most recent first, linked to demos or GitHub.


Summer 2018

A planner app that developed on my own as a Summer project as a refresher to the technologies I learned during my fellowship at CUNY Tech Prep. Built with React, Node, Express, Sequelize, and Postgresql. The concept incorporates time and task management strategies learned from various productivity coaches. GitHub


Summer 2018

As part of Verizon’s and NYC Media Lab’s Student Startup Bootcamp, HYPE!, was my teams startup. For the bootcamp we followed what the fist 8 weeks of building a startup, from conceptualization to pitching in front an audience of Verizon guests. Learned the lean method, conducted a lot of market research, and networked with potential partners. Presentation

Another World

Summer 2018

Working in a team of 9 in a 4 day hackathon, we build a VR experience in the scenario earths climate became uninhabitable and we needed to evacuate (or did we?!) I worked as a graphic designer creating fonts and logos, and worked the director for storyboarding and concept design as well.


Spring 2018

Hashr tackles an expanding problem on social media - empty hashtags and unrelated content. Built with React, Express and the Twitter API in a team of 3. Demo


Fall 2017

Built with industry-standard technologies like React and Express in a team of 4. Inspired by decentralization and gamification aiming to create more conversation.

Echo is a gamified social media platform that uses a crowd sourced channel to distribute its content. Users can submit content, called an echo, and readers can re-echo, like retweeting. Every user has an account level, which determines the strength of their echo; how many people their echo will reach. Users gain experience to level up based on their activity on the platform, mostly through creating posts that receive a lot of echos. The original motivation behind Echo was seeing the contrast of emerging decentralized technologies through the block-chain and the centralized bubble inducing social media sites we have now. Content sharing sites like Instagram and twitter would be close competitors. GitHub

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Previous Portfolio Site

Fall 2016


Spring 2016

As an intern at Spark451 I was tasked with redesigning the University of Medicine and Health Sciences. The client wanted to update the look of the site, while maintaining it's feel. It was a different experience redesigning a site keeping to the brand guidlines, rather than starting from scratch. I was also somewhat difficult when the client requested choices that I wouldn't have. A slightly more updated version of my design, overseen from the Principal of Spark451 is the current design of the site.

These last ones are the first 3 web design projects I had from class. I wrote the descriptions below in 2015, I got a laugh so I kept them. Don’t make fun of me too much 😃

Caspian Design

Fall 2017

I used to imagine being a musician. Now I imagine making websites for musicians. My favorite band Caspian released a new album and it was the perfect opportunity to practice a new site design. I learned to use and tweak jQuery plugins, made a brand oriented design, and successfully failed to make a responsive design without breakpoints. Site

Achilles and Hector Design

Fall 2017

As a test to focus on text, a writing assignment became an article site. The design focused on readability and a Greek inspired theme. With that in mind I created a one page site, with earthy tones keeping away from stark white and black. The site functions as a frame, to add a visual compliment without taking away emphasis to the writing. Site

deliverbit Design

Fall 2017

Before you start googling this company, I'll tell you the disappointing news: It's not real. The Hobbit Delivery Service, deliverbit, was created (out of necessity) to use an expert team of hobbits to deliver your package no matter the danger. My first experience in designing a website, and one of the funnest since. Site